August 8, 2009

Kan Jam Game

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Kan Jam Game Set

You Can Kan Jam!

A great fast paced game for all members of the family and friends.

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After playing many different games that are out there, this game was something else.  Kan Jam is a great success in my book of fun.

This game has it all. It can be indoor or outdoor which is great, so on a bad weathered day, you can still have your game. Kan Jam consists of three (actually four) components which are:-

  • Your flying disc
  • Two goals which are portable
  • Rules
  • And of course yourselves

The basic idea is that there are two teams that play against each other and try to score 21 points into the goal. This can be done by deflection or as I put it, a whole in one.

Young members of the family can join in too. All you would have to do is have the goals a little closer together to start with, untill the kids get a little strength in their throw. Be warned though, kids have a nak of learning to be excellent game players so be ready to be beaten by the young ones very soon on in the game.

Kan Jam is great for the beach, house parties, in the frat house, university, anywhere you are, even chilling on a saturday afternoon. It’s highly addictive so great for excersise and for lifting your spirits.

As you navigate around this site, you will learn all there is to know about Kan Jam from buying, setting up, rules and to play.

Click Here To Get The Kan Jam Official Game Set


 Check out the game via video. It’s great fun and you can join a club too!

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